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Jiinext International Designs LLP

​Design & Build Company ​​A​n aspiring team of young and dynamic professionals with rich experience in designing beautiful living spaces and bringing in a lot of utility to your offices! We specialize in ​​Interiors | Exteriors | Procurement | Finance ​ ​W​ith specific specialization in commercial, residential, retailing, ​hospitality, ​leisure, furniture design​. Our enormous experience helps us to provide you with excellent full turn-key solution. We understand and respect the timelines you need to meet and hence, we deliver on-time and as per the budgets we agree upon. The geography need not be a constraint for you to contact us, as even though we are based out of Mumbai, our reach is spread across all over India. Best Design Awards Winner for Ayu at Design Mission India​, ​2014 ​at ​The Leela​, Mumbai​. ​Appreciation Award of Rotary Club of Thane, Urbania in 2014 ​at Grand Satkar, Thane. Participate​d​ and sponsor​ at​ ​Design Mission India​, ​2014 ​at ​The Leela​, Mumbai​ ​Participated and sponsor at Master Franchise India, 2013 at Intercontinental Hotel, Mumbai ​ ​​Participated and sponsor at Franchise India, 2012 at Nehru Center, Worli Mumbai ​​Participated and sponsor at Upvan Art Festival, Thane- 2014 Leading Design and Build Company​:​ Innovative Interior Designs, International Designs Standards It​alian & French Concept, German Fittings.​ IGBC - Green & Sustainable Designs Expert​ 100% Accurate Space Design - Autodesk Revit 2015 ​(​License​d)​ High Quality 3D Modules and 3D Views - Autodesk 3D ​(​License​d)​ International Series of Material​ & Fittings In​​dustry Renowned Vendors In Partners ​& Associates Smart Speedy ​& Skilled Contractor Agency in Partner Civil - Electrical - POP - Modular - Wallpaper & Paintings LEADING CLIENTS:​ ​ ​ ​Vihang Groups, ​ ​​(LOCON SOLUTION Ltd)​, ​ ​Mankind Pharma Ltd. , ​ ​ Emcure Pharmaceutical Ltd, ​ ​Phoenix Market City, ​ ​Green Square Infra Pvt. Ltd., ​ ​ Mukta Developers.

Please keep +91 before the number when you dial.
  • Rustomjee Urbania, Athena D-1504, Eastern Express Highway, Majiwada, Thane w. India

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